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spare parts for cutter > Focusing Nozzle
    We are an agent of American IWP high intensity nozzle roctec. We can provide a full range of nozzle roctec.
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spare parts for cutter > Mini-size High Pressure Plunger Pump
    Mini-size High Pressure Plunger Pump is particularly designed to match high pressure water washer for civil and commercial use. The pump is compact in design and low in weight. It is convenient to move and transport, thus the first choice of mini-size washer.
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spare parts for cutter > Straight-through Valve
    Straight-through Valve is a valve specially used to cut off VHP jet flow. The maximum pressure is 4200bar. Two-way valve and three-way valve are both available. Normal size of its connector is M16x1.5 and M18x1.5. it can be connected with TUBE1/4,TUBE7,TUBE3/8,TUBE10 and tubes of other specifications.
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spare parts for cutter > High Pressure Pipe for Robotic Water Cutting
    Adopting special tube-bending technology, we made cold drawn high pressure pipe suitable for robotic three dimension water cutting station. It is a part of MOTOMAN robot and ABB robot. Specifications: 1/4 and 7mm
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