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spare parts for washer > High Pressure Water Gun with Overflow
    High Pressure Water Gun with Overflow is made from stainless steel by our company. The maximum pressure it can bear is 700bar. Its flow rate is 15-30L/min. It is beautiful in design and of top quality.
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spare parts for washer > Accessory for High Pressure Water Washer
    Water and Sand Compress Air Triphase Flow Blend Jet Gun is particularly designed for obstinate filth. It can easily remove oxide skin, tube shield and other obstinate filth. It is the best accessory for heavy industry.
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spare parts for washer > Three-dimension Rotating Nozzle
    Three-dimension Rotating Nozzle is a completely new cleaning accessory developed by us. When the nozzle is driven by counteraction force, the body of the nozzle also rotates through the drive of bevel gear. During this process, jet flow reaches everywhere to finish cleaning.
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spare parts for washer > Pipe Washer
    Pipe Washer is made up of pulling head, rotator, pipe support and high pressure pipeline joint. It is widely used in cleaning oil pipe, gas pipe, industrial sewage pipe and chemical industry transport pipe.
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