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Projects > HP waterjet using in aeronautics and astronautics
    Aeronautics and astronautics, the end of aeroplance engine must be cleaning for a time, we offer the Robotic cleaning system to do it.
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Projects > Crude Oil Washing System
    Crude oil tank cleaning process is the use of spray cleaning machine will clean the media at a certain temperature, pressure and flow under the jet to the surface to be cleaned to remove surface condensation and sludge, and processed and recovery of a process method, the cleaning medium is oil or the same medium. According to the construction requirements and site conditions, water and diesel fuel as a cleaning media are also used after washing the crude oil, light crude oil contains components that solvent composition, accelerated oil deposits in the coagulation and sludge disintegration, crushing After cleaning sludge and oil mixture, dissolution, diffusion, eventually pumping recycled. With crude oil washing process to be more pure crude oil, usually need to have a clean tank and being adjacent to the tank, the tank usually recovered as a crude oil tank. Crude oil tank cleaning equipment and cleaning and recycling cans with the process piping connected together to form a cleaning system.
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Projects > Industrial Cleaning Service
    We have a team specializing in industrial cleaning which is equipped with different types of high pressure water washer and high pressure saturated steam washer.
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Projects > Automated Storage
    Automated Storage is one of the main parts of Modern Logistics System. It is an elevated warehouse with multi foundations. It is mainly made up of computer management system, computer monitoring system, auto-control system, automatic test system, communication system, shelf storage, lane palletizing machine and storage and retrieval conveyor. It can finish storing and retrieving goods as per instructions and manage goods in stock automatically.
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