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About Us

BJATL-waterjet system (Beijing Aotelong Tech-develop Co.,Ltd founded in 2004, located

in No.1001 Fuding Center Hanwang Rd, Yanjiao Develop Zone, East of Beijing , focus on  the

 research and development of the high pressure waterjet technologies and related products, such as

waterjet cutting machine and waterjet cleaning machine, based in the Beijing Research

Institute of Automation for Machine-Building Industry.

Our major project:

1, waterjet cutting machine----we offer the 3D robot pure waterjet cutting system, 2D CNC abrasive cutting machine;

2, pressure up to 35-150 Mpa waterjet cleaning machine and plunger pumps;

3, manufacture and offer the VHP PUMP to the waterjet cutting system;

4, spare parts for waterjet cutting machine: such as sapphire and diamond nozzles, NO and NC cutting head, HP tube, joint etc.;


5, service to the machine of user who working with the waterjet cutting and cleaning;


6,Crude oil tank washing system and doing the project ;


7,Oil product tank & railway-car oil tank machine cleaning system;


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