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High pressure water Analysis
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high pressure jet technology is such a technique ---
With high pressure generator to turn ordinary filtered water, instant pressurized to 100 ~ 300Mpa, and then through the energy converter of pressure of the water can be converted into kinetic energy, in order to fine form in the water column of up to 800 ~ 1000m / s speed of smoke, this kinds of water column with a strong energy, can be used to clean a variety of objects, internal and external residues on the surface and sediments in order to.
A simple quick release type, efficient and economical completion of the traditional cleaning methods not easily done. By adding a small amount of abrasive in the water column becomes the high pressure water jet cutting technology. Referred to as the water jet. Ultra-high pressure water jet cutting technology, is a relatively recent emergence of a new cold-state cutting process. Compared with the traditional cutting methods, with a narrow kerf, cut flat, no heat distortion, high efficiency and cutting without sparks flying and so on. At the same time in the cutting process does not ring of dust and harmful gas pollution, so high pressure water jet cutting technology also has environmental significance.
Ultra-high pressure water jet technology from the development history, it is the first be proposed by the Soviets in the hands of the Americans to be a relatively well-jet technology. Ultra-high pressure water jet cutting ability and speed depends on many factors: the properties of the materials being processed, the working fluid composition, processing technology, jet injection direction. Low-intensity material relatively easy to cut, the required low pressure liquid jet. For example: 200Mpa pressure jet can be used to cut wood, composite boards, leather, leather and rubber substitutes. However, cutting light metal with the need to 500 ~ 700Mpa of pressure, pressure to cut steel plate is as high as 700 ~ 1000MPa.
Clearly there is little stainless steel material can be at such a high long-term continuous work under pressure. Accordingly, further studies abroad, is widely used in abrasive water jet cutting technology. This cutting metals and hard materials, only 250MPa pressure (Shimizu Cutting Zexu 1000MPa pressure) and with such a high pressure of water jet cutting with the same efficiency.
Water-jet cutting technology development abroad
Abroad, especially the United States from the late seventies of last century water-jet cutting technology, after years of constant development, improvement, application, has been developed to a relatively high level of application. In the water cut, the water-cutting technology with robot technology is widely used in automotive, aerospace, clothing, rubber, plastics and other industries. Abrasive cutting in the processing, the application of broader areas have been involved in stone, glass, metal, composite materials, building ceramics, bullet-proof glass, bullet-proof materials in various industries.
Water-jet cutting technology for domestic development of
Domestic water jet in 1996 in Nanjing, the formal market, immediately subject to the concern of all sectors of society, and quickly building widespread adoption of ceramic and stone industry. Used in the construction of ceramic and stone processing, access to significant economic benefits. Now developed into a mature processing means. Now that the application of technology as internal control sand and technological development of glass deep processing and fast to develop, and achieve a breakthrough. Glass deep-processing opened up a new processing area.
In metal cutting, there is the cut value of the thickness of 20mm below the size of error of less demanding (≯ 0.2mm), small-batch together multiple types of drinking places. The roughness of its cutting between the 6.3μm ~ 12.5μm (based on abrasive thickness may be). Because water-jet cutting is a cold-state cutting has been cut material will not be any physical and chemical changes; and smooth cut, cut back there will not be similar to the seam left by the dissolving flame cutting slag, there will not be similar to the machine tool cutting to stay under the flange, burr.
Domestic demand
At present, the water-jet cutting mainly used in construction ceramics, stone, glass deep processing and metal sheet and a half into the finishing area. With this application technologies have been gradually recognized by society, but also penetrate into the broader field. In particular, the field of composite materials processing. Composite layers of material hardness, melting point and strength are not the same. Using traditional processing methods is almost impossible to cut. The use of water jet cutting becomes its capability.
With the water-jet cutting technology is becoming more perfect in itself, but also to the thick metal sheet processing direction. In short, the industry demand side of the broad areas covered a variety of width and it is known, last known strength of materials, processing and adaptability have decided to ultrahigh-pressure water-jet cutting technology application prospect is extremely wonderful. This is the end of last century in the United States held in Seattle at the annual meeting of the International Water jet which is defined as the application technology of the 21st century the truth lies.

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