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Product Notes:

BJATL-COTWS(crude oil tank washer) is developed on the basis of our many-year experience of cleaning oil tank combined with our reference to Japanese and Swiss equipment. By adopting aspiration system, the equipment recycles oil from cleaning tank. The system componentized major cleaning machines to make group management possible. For the past few years, we have found few problems of imported equipment and improved them. Meanwhile, we keep maintaining and improving equipment we have sold out.
The system contains COTWS suction pump (A equipment), COTWS heat exchange and recovery pump, COWTS water separator, COTWS washer group, inert gas generator and gas component test device.
Brief Introduction of COTWS
(1)   COTWS A equipment is to suction and remove oil. Flowing route of oil is as follows:
Keep aspiration tank in a vacuum state (-230~-340mmHg). Pump dissolved sludge and oil to aspiration tank and transport them to the named oil tank by recovery pump.
Meanwhile, in order to keep working environment safe and cleaning tank working under normal pressure, flammable gas pumped by vacuum pump is returned to cleaning tank.

(1)   For COTWS B, flowing route of oil is as follows,
Good cleaning effect will be achieved by heating oil and water. Two pumps can be used to transport oil at the same time by connecting A and B equipment with hose.


(1)   Washer group is designed for CWsystem. The group usually contains 16-20 independent washers. They can work at the same time and clean the tank. It is driven by air motor.

(2)   The use of flammable gas test device is out of safety.

(3)   Water separator is particularly designed to deal with sewage.

(4)   Test and control system is designed by our company.

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